Dr. Irina Tschistowskaja


Consulting Services

References (Selection)

  • Annual Environmental Compliance Audit for automotive production sites

Client: Automotive Manufacturer, USA/Europe, 2011-2016

  • Speaker in Workshop "Customs and certification in the Eurasian Economic Union", 2015

Client: Osteuropaverein der Deutschen Wirtschaft e.V.

  • Workshop on Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union: Import and Export of Chemical Products (conducted by Dr. Irina Tschistowskaja), 2015

Client: Private Company, Belgium

  • Cooperation within the Project „Development of the quality infrastructure in the countries of Central Asia", 2014-2015

Client: Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig

  • Organization, performance, moderation and  documentation of the 11th German-Russian Environment Day 2014 in Kaliningrad, Russia, 2014

Client: German Federal Environmental Agency

  • Several certification audits according to ISO 14001, participation as an environmental expert, Germany and Russia, 2014

Clients: international companies

  • Revitalization of Brownfields (Russia): Transfer project of  the Cities of Hamburg and Kaliningrad, 2012-2013    

Project funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment

  • Creation of data pool on chemical legislation in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Georgia, 2012-2013                                                

Client: international provider of databases

  • Implementation of an Environmental Management System and of an Environmental Operating System for an automotive Produktion Site in Russia, 2010-2013                      

Client:Automotive Manufacturer, USA/Europe

  • Legal environmental requirements for impact of an automotive production sites in Russia, Monitoring of the legislslation, 2010-2013                                                               

Client:Automotive Manufacturer, USA/Europe

  • Environmental Due Diligence, Phase 1 and 2: Investigation of Soil and Groundwater for several industrial sites, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, 2009-2013   

Clients: international companies

  • Environmental Compliance Audit for automotive production sites, 2010-2013

Client: Automotive Manufacturer, USA/Europe  

  • Reconstruction of the District Water Supply System of the Town Kalush, Ukraine, Phase I: Preparation of design specifications (in cooperation with an engineering company form Germany), 2011-2012                                                                                

Client: International Bank of Reconstruction and Development

  • Scientific basis for the management of contaminated sites in Vietnam, 2005-2008

Project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

  • Fundamentals of the Environment Management System for the armed forces of Georgia, 2006-2008                                                                             

Proejct funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment

  • Revitalazation of brownfield sites in St. Petersburg - Analysis of opportunities for technology and knowledge transfer: the project between Hamburg and St. Petersburg (Russia), 2004-2008, REVVIN                                                               

Project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

  • Know-how and technology transfer in the field of brownfields remediation and waste management: International Centre for Soil and Contaminated Sites (ICSS) at the German Federal Environment Agency, 2002-2008  

Project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

  • Demonstration project for the establishment of microbiological in situ technique in Russia, 2001-2002

Project funded by the German Society for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)

  • Process development and pilot remediation of VOC contaminated site by means of microbiological in-situ technique, 1999-2003

Funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Planning and the Environment of Saxony-Anhalt

  • Biological in situ remediation of contaminated groundwater and soil at the production site of Leuna plant, 1992-1995               

Project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research