Dr. Irina Tschistowskaja


Consulting Services

Our Services

Business Development in Russia and CIS

  • Consulting, business development on behalf of customers, including in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Georgia

  • Advising on necessary permits

  • Advice and documents compilation for the certification of products and equipments in Russia and CIS

  • Organizing and performing workshops and training sessions
  • Presentations at fairs and markets
  • Content design and organization of the publication of brochures, leaflets and posters

  • Project management

Environmental Consulting 

  • Conducting environmental due diligence (EDD) - audits for transactions

  • Advice and planning in the field of contaminated site management, remediation technologies

  • Advice on legal environmental requirements and required permits 

  • Research and monitoring of the national legislation on environmental and chemical legislation (REACH), transport of dangerous goods (ADR) and other subjects

  • Compliance audits to comply with legal requirements

  • Advice on the introduction and implementation of an environmental management system according to ISO 14001

 Funding advice

  • Search and apply for funding projects at national and international level

  • Project coordination and monitoring


Dr. Irina Tschistowskaja was appointed on January the 18th of 2016 in the climate advisory council of  Ilmkreis, Thuringia.